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Serenity Inspirations came about from a desire to introduce crystals and their unique energy to everyone. Our range of beautiful contemporary jewellery is hand carved from semi-precious gemstones sourced from around the globe.

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Price: $65.25$52.25
iStone (Inspiration Stones) Gift Pack was last modified: by Tiffany L. Litherland
Price: $53.45$45.20
Black Onyx Cross Positivity Necklace/Bracelet was last modified: by Tiffany L. Litherland
Hematite Raindrop 2 Necklace Bust
Hematite Raindrop 2 Relaxation Necklace

Hematite Raindrop Necklace

Price: $47.50$40.50
Hematite Raindrop Necklace was last modified: by Tiffany L. Litherland
Black Onyx Heart 2 Necklace Close up
Black Onyx Heart 2 Necklace

Black Onyx Heart 2 Positivity Necklace

Price: $47.50$40.50
Black Onyx Heart 2 Positivity Necklace was last modified: by Tiffany L. Litherland
Turquoise Howlite Heart 2 Necklace
Turquoise Howlite Heart 2 Necklace

Turquoise Howlite Heart Confidence Necklace

Price: $47.50$40.50
Turquoise Howlite Heart Confidence Necklace was last modified: by Tiffany L. Litherland
Price: $47.50$40.50
White Howlite Heart 2 Dreams Necklace was last modified: by Tiffany L. Litherland
Black Onyx Raindrop 2 Necklace
Black Onyx Raindrop 2 Necklace

Black Onyx Raindrop 2 Positivity Necklace

Price: $47.50$40.50
Black Onyx Raindrop 2 Positivity Necklace was last modified: by Tiffany L. Litherland
Turquoise Howlite Raindrop 2 Necklace Close up
Turqoise Howlite Raindrop 2 Necklace

Turquoise Howlite Raindrop Necklace

Price: $47.50$40.50
Turquoise Howlite Raindrop Necklace was last modified: by Tiffany L. Litherland
Rose Quartz Heart
Rose Quartz Heart

Rose Quartz Love Heart

Price: $47.50$40.50
Rose Quartz Love Heart was last modified: by Tiffany L. Litherland
White Howlite Heart
White Howlite Heart

White Howlite Dreams Heart

Price: $47.50$40.50
White Howlite Dreams Heart was last modified: by Tiffany L. Litherland
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